Vineet Vohra

Vineet is an internationally celebrated street photographer based in New Dehli, India. He is considered one of the most influential street photographers of his generation.

Building on a background in fine arts, Vineet's images are complex, playful, beautifully structured and very contemporary. He skilfully combines content, composition and light to make compelling photographs and multi-image sequences and series. Vineet’s special skill is in bringing order to the chaos we often find on the street, and in patiently working scenes until everything falls into place. 

As well as a passion for making photographs, Vineet is a very experienced street photography teacher, and he regularly conducts workshops in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Vineet has a special place at the heart of the street photography community in Asia and has made a significant contribution to its development over the past ten years.

See examples of Vineet's work below or visit his iInstagram feed at @vineet_vohra

Julia Coddington

Julia is an internationally recognised street photographer based in Australia who is known for her strong compositions and her ability to work with layers, colour, movement and light. She is a fearless street photographer, able to work close to her subjects without alerting them to her presence. 

Julia is the co-founder of the Unexposed Collective, a platform for Australian women and non-binary street photographers. She is also a curator and administrator of the international @womeninstreet community.

Julia's major ongoing project, The Pool, explores an ocean pool in her home town south of Sydney.  Her work has been selected as finalists in a number of international Street Photography Festivals and she has been a contest judge for the Miami Street Photography Festival, the Italian Street Photography Festival and Street Foto San Francisco and exhibited in London, New York and Paris. Julia's work is also regularly featured online and she has been interviewed for several podcasts and online magazines. 

More recently, Julia was an exhibitor at Head On 2019 in Sydney and co-curated a group exhibition, Exposed, for the Unexposed Collective, at the same festival. She also curated and sequenced a major exhibition of @womeninstreet images at the 2019 San Fransisco Street Photography Festival.

Julia teaches regular workshops, usually in collaboration with her partner Gerry Orkin.  

See Julia's work below, on her website and on Instagram.