Julia Coddington and Gerry Orkin are internationally recognised street photographers who teach workshops in Sydney (with more cities planned for 2019).

Maciej Dakowicz, In Public member, street photography educator and mentor says of us:

Julia and Gerry are very talented street photographers with their own unique voices. They are very knowledgable about the art of photography, and the technical aspects too. They are very open and happily share their knowledge and experience. They care. 

It is also fun to be with them - you will not only learn, but also have a good time!

Half Day Workshop 

Sydney 13 October 2018

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The Next Step

Sydney 22-23 September 2018

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Student feedback

I took more away from it than any other workshop that I've undertaken. I thought the way you structured the day was excellent and the mini presentations enough to give us something to think about, as well as a break from being out on the street. You both helped tremendously with setting up my camera, an extra thank you for that!

The workshop was so useful for me. I reckon the quality of my images doubled overnight with the tips i picked up from you two.

Thanks for the great day! Very challenging and motivating, and highly enjoyable.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop - the format worked well and it was great to get detailed and very useful feedback. I'm definitely on for another!

Thanks Julia, Gerry and all for a great day! Lots of fun, very inspiring (and I'm feeling much braver about getting up close!)

I learnt a lot from the day, from seeing your ways of working on the street and especially the supportive and challenging feedback you gave me!

I feel much more confident now and I especially appreciate how enthusiastic and knowledgeable you both are! It really shows and adds to the day.

It was a great day spent with great people. Thanks you for sharing your knowledge and experience in street with us. Definitely a must do workshop whether you're new to street photography, or you are looking to expand your existing skills.

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